13 Sep 2011

Time: What’s On Your Schedule?

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Tips for Time Management

Time, some say it’s elusive. Julie Morgenstern, author of Time Management from the Inside Out, says it isn’t. Time is a tangible commodity. We agree. One thing is certain. Once it’s spent you can’t get it back. The question we wanted Morgenstern’s book to answer is this: how we can make the most of ours? This week we’re reflecting on Morgenstern’s book to help us create workable schedules that will help us reach our goals. Follow us.   Read more

01 Sep 2011

Persistence Creates Success

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Paul Leon, owner of Leon Training Solutions, licensed sales strategist and keynote speaker applied for a job with the same company 55 times before he was hired. Now that’s persistence we admire and often need. Whatever goal you are working toward, his quick, practical and inspirational tips will get and keep you moving forward. Read more

12 Aug 2011

Japanese Retexturizing: Bio Ionic

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Considering  moving from Keratin to Japanese Retex for a more permanent straight (or slightly curly) frizz free wash-n-go style? Here’s one of our client’s before and after Japanese Retexturizing.    Read more

11 Aug 2011

Keratin Before and After Photos!

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Another before and after Keratin client!  Read more

09 Aug 2011

Salon Libby Facebook Fans ONLY Discounts

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Here’s the deal. Salon Libby loves our clients AND our Facebook fans. So, we’re offering the following discounts to the first 25 fans who book appointments: Japanese Retexturizing (for those of you who asked how to KEEP straight and smooth hair permanently), $275 ($500 Value);

Keratin Treatments (for those who want to refresh their keratin or try it for the first time), $175 ($300 Value);   

Relaxers with Deep Conditioning, $50 ($85 Value). Please note there may be an additional charge for hair length/texture. (We have to charge if additonal product is needed.) We open in the morning at 9am. Call to book at (407) 574-4466. Now, enjoy a couple of our clients before and after keratin photos…

 Like Salon Libby on Facebook by clicking below.  

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27 Jul 2011

Achieve Your Perfect Hair Texture–Permanently

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Want to transform your curly locks into a permanently straight—or slightly curly—wash-n-go low maintenance frizz-free style? If so then Japanese retexturizing might be the right choice for you. Bio Ionic Retex is a safe, flexible retexturizing product that uses negative ions to actually improve hair health while giving wearers the hair texture–no frizz and partial or complete curl elimination–and easy style they’ve always wanted. Root touch-ups are a must to maintain. Read more for before and after photos. Read more

18 Jul 2011

SOMA Hair Technology Now Available

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Announcing SOMA, Salon Libby’s new vegan haircare line. It’s organic, sulfate free, completely vegan and biodegradable. SOMA products contain all the ingredients your hair needs, not what it doesn’t—no alcohol and sulfates.   

All SOMA products are hypoallergenic and have natural UVA and UVB protection. All at an affordable price: $45 for both the shampoo and conditioner. Read more

15 Jul 2011

Salon Libby Weighs In On Brazilian Blowout

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Brazilian Blowout and Formaldehyde
As many of you know, OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) has issued a warning about using products containing Formaldehyde. Specifically, Brazilian Blowout is under fire. There are safety concerns when Formaldehyde, which is an ingredient in the Brazilian Blowout product, touches the skin or is released in the air. We are hair straightening specialists, well trained to use Brazilian Blowout, and we know that this happens when too much of the product is used.

Salon Libby has decided to continue using Brazilian Blowout for our customers who KNOW the risks and still prefer this product because of its ease of use and results.

Brazilian Blowout may expose you to Formaldehyde. It is a health risk.

That said, we want to point you to a safer way to straighten and smooth your hair.

KeraGreen: Salon Libby’s Organic Alternative
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03 May 2011

Win a Summer Style Makeover at Salon Libby

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You can win a Summer Style Makeover (Partial Highlights, Shampoo, Cut & Style, a $100 Value) this May. Or, if you choose, you can use the value of this package towards any Salon Libby service you prefer.  Read more

03 May 2011

Go Green at Home: Make Your Own Antibacterial Cleaner

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Here’s a Go Green tip we love!

Did you know chlorine bleach can cause cancer causing chemicals to form in wastewater? Solution: Create your own non-toxic antibacterial cleaning spray with clean and fresh smelling lavender! Learn how today!