25 Jul 2010

Lake Mary Hair Salon | Hair Salon in Lake Mary FL | Lake Mary Beauty Salon

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Salon Libby, Orlando’s premier organic and traditional hair salon. Here, we provide our clients with the latest in hair design, care and maintenance along with a choice.

Choose from our all natural product line or from our palette of traditional professional salon products and services. We care about how you look and feel, and we strive to ensure that each client departs looking beautiful and feeling extraordinarily cared for.

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Call us at 407-574-4466 or email us at appointments@salonlibby.com

Salon Libby
11913 East Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL 32826

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There are a lot of hair products available in the market today. We see it in billboards, television commercials and print ads. Usually these hair product advertisements would give you some general information regarding what that hair product can do. Before setting out to buy hair products, make sure that you know that these hair products are for. The most common hair products are shampoo, conditioner, hair wax, pomade, hair gel, hair spray, hair mousse and hair volumizer.

The shampoo is the soap for the hair. This is what we use to wash our hair. The conditioner on the other hand, is used after shampooing. This brings back moisture to our hair that the shampoo stripped out. There are different types of shampoo and conditioner. Examples of which are classified as ìfor dry hairî, ìfor smooth hairî, ìanti-dandruffî and more. You just have to know which one suits your hair type.

The hair wax is a type of hair product that uses wax and holds the hair in place. The difference with pomade is that pomade is more greasy than wax. It takes a lot of washing to remove this. Pomade focuses more on grease and shine while hair wax focuses on holding your hair without stiffening it.

Hair gel and Hair spray both hold your hair in place. Hair gel comes in gel form, most commonly used by men while hair spray is in liquid form and is commonly used by women. Although both hold your hair stiffly, hair gel is stronger than hair spray and hair spray has a thin, crunchy effect.

Hair mousse and hair volumizer seek to add volume in your hair. The main difference lies in its form and usage. Hair mousse is usually in foam form and is applied to hair while wet while hair volumizer can come in shampoos, conditioners and waxes. Hair mousse is more of a temporary fix while a hair volumizer is a longer fix.

Knowing what these hair products can do will help you pick out which product would be best to use for your hair needs.

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