24 Jul 2010

Oviedo Hair Salon | Hair Salon in Oviedo | Oviedo Beauty Salon

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Salon Libby, Orlando’s premier organic and traditional hair salon. Here, we provide our clients with the latest in hair design, care and maintenance along with a choice.

Choose from our all natural product line or from our palette of traditional professional salon products and services. We care about how you look and feel, and we strive to ensure that each client departs looking beautiful and feeling extraordinarily cared for.

Please visit us or call today and schedule your hair appointment today

Call us at 407-574-4466 or email us at appointments@salonlibby.com

Salon Libby
11913 East Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL 32826

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Although hair salons are everywhere, they actually vary in terms of services. For me, I usually stick with one hair salon and a specific hair stylist that gets what I want. But sometimes, when you move from one place to another, itís hard to choose a new hair salon that would be right for you. Whenever I move to a new place, here are some factors that I consider or do in choosing the right hair salon for me.

1. I always try to check on the salons nearest my house or office. This will be convenient when you want to get a quick hair cut or blow dry.
2. When I scout, I usually get flyers of the hair salons. Having these, I compare what they can offer, their store hours and prices. I usually pick a top 3 or top 5. A hair salonís store hour is also very important. Usually, I pick the ones that are open until a few hours after office hours so that I can have an appointment on a weekday. Weekends are usually the busiest days for hair salons.
3. I try my top picksí services. Usually, I try haircuts, styling, treatments and nail care. In getting a haircut in new hair salons, I pick a safe hairstyle first just to check on their skills.
4. After the first 3 steps, this is when I narrow it down further. Iíd go back and try an edgier haircut. Usually, if I find it satisfying, I stick with this specific hair stylist every time.

Sometimes, I get great services in different salons. As for me, since their all close to my office or home, I donít mind jumping from one hair salon to get a haircut and then to another for nail treatments. It really depends on how good they are. Sometimes, hair salons excel in different things. As for me, as long as itís convenient, within my budget and provides excellent services, then Iím good to go.

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