01 Jul 2011

Persistence Creates Success

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Paul Leon, owner of Leon Training Solutions, licensed sales strategist and keynote speaker applied for a job with the same company 55 times before he was hired. Now that’s persistence we admire and often need. Whatever goal you are working toward, his quick, practical and inspirational tips will get and keep you moving forward.

Destination: Always know where you’re going.

Pursuit: Fall in love with the pursuit.

Gratitude: Remain grateful for all things and show it.
(Norman Vincent Peale’s “Attitude of Gratitude”)

Paul’s reminders:

• Remember, failure is an event, not a person.
• Integrity is doing what you say; and,
• Character is continuing to do what you say long after the initial event is over.

We met Paul this morning at Orlando Coffee Club where he shared this message with attendees. For more information about Paul visit: www.leontrainingsolutions.com. Too, we found out today that Orlando Coffee Club is a great place to network and remain persistent as we continue moving toward our goalsMore information is available at: www.orlandocoffeeclub.com.

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