30 Jul 2011

Salon Libby: Modern and Cross-Cultural with Dominican Difference

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Come in to Salon Libby this week to experience and enjoy the Dominican Difference with a Salon Libby Blend. Call for appointments.

Recently, Google reported Salon Libby as the no. 1 Orlando website for folks searching for a Dominican salon, and we’re no. 3 for eco-friendly searchers! That is great news! Thank you to all of our clients! We’re excited that Orlandoans of all cultures and hair types consider us when looking for a salon. Read on to learn more about our salon and what guests look for in a Dominican salon.

Libby and Shakira are second and third generation respectively Dominican-Americans and Hair Designers. Our salon reflects the best of both cultures.

Libby, trained in the Dominican Republic, is a hair straightening specialist. She is the go to person for clients who need healthy, more manageable hair. Libby knows how to improve hair health, shine and texture—all without compromising your health.  

Shakira, an Aveda graduate, has a flair for fashion and current style. Together, this mom and daughter offer the best of current hair design and care knowledge along with how-to.   

Why a Dominican Salon?

People searching for a Dominican salon are looking for a precise way of doing hair. Dominican people are proud of their hair and we go to great lengths to take care of its health and appearance. Dominican blow drying is unique, and sometimes roller sets, followed by light blow drying, are used to maintain hair style and volume.  

Too, we have a great reputation for hair straightening. Experience and expertise make Salon Libby THE choice for many looking for straighter, shinier, more manageable hair. We consult with each client individually, offering various treatments, depending on hair texture and each client’s desired style. We offer Brazilian Blowout, KeraGreen protein system (our favorite,) Japanese straighteners and traditional hair relaxers. We KNOW how to give you the healthy, manageable hair you crave.

Salon Libby Blends: Proven Time and Again

The Dominican Republic is a third-world country situated next to Haiti and close to Puerto Rico. Because resources are scarce, we’ve learned to use natural solutions to common hair problems. Solutions handed down from generation to generation. Cinnamon, bergamot, coconut, rosemary, even garlic are natural hair moisturizers that seal the hair’s cuticle, giving shine and health from the inside out. We use these treatments which originated in our home country to control, and many times, prevent hair shedding, breakage and dryness caused my many factors including chemicals and our environment. Our natural solutions are time tested and proven by three generations of our family’s clients.


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