15 Jul 2011

Salon Libby Weighs In On Brazilian Blowout

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Brazilian Blowout and Formaldehyde
As many of you know, OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) has issued a warning about using products containing Formaldehyde. Specifically, Brazilian Blowout is under fire. There are safety concerns when Formaldehyde, which is an ingredient in the Brazilian Blowout product, touches the skin or is released in the air. We are hair straightening specialists, well trained to use Brazilian Blowout, and we know that this happens when too much of the product is used.

Salon Libby has decided to continue using Brazilian Blowout for our customers who KNOW the risks and still prefer this product because of its ease of use and results.

Brazilian Blowout may expose you to Formaldehyde. It is a health risk.

That said, we want to point you to a safer way to straighten and smooth your hair.

KeraGreen: Salon Libby’s Organic Alternative
We have always recommended our KeraGreen Keratin and Protein Hair System as a safe alternative to Brazilian Blowout. This organic protein system doesn’t expose guests to the unnecessary health risks of Formaldehyde. The difference between the two products is that clients must wait a couple of days after receiving the hair treatment to shampoo and wearing hair up is a no-no.

KeraGreen is our hair smoothing and straightening choice. We love the results and the safety of the product. The price is the same as Brazilian Blowout and we believe that the peace of knowing you are not exposing yourself to Formaldehyde is worth the two day wait to wash your locks or wear a ponytail.

A Safer Future For Brazilian Blowout
Brazilian Blowout has released a statement that says they will create a “zero” product that will not release any Formaldehyde during treatment. Here is their recent statement:

“We remain 100% confident with regards to the safety and integrity of the original BB treatment and will continue to sell this product as it remains incredibly popular throughout the U.S. and worldwide. Brazilian Blowout ZERO is a NEW Professional Smoothing Treatment alternative that utilizes a plant-derived bonding system. A number of stylists and consumers may feel more comfortable using this system as a personal preference.” Click here to read more of Brazilian Blowout’s response.

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