03 Jul 2011

Uniquely You, Career Search Tips for the Millennial Generation

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Find Your “Spark” to Land the Perfect Career Job

Here’s a totally true job search story for graduates and students this week. It’s a real-life example of the reality of starting or continuing a career these days. This past weekend a friend shared a story of her son’s career search. He is a young police officer who, because of lack of seniority, was caught in recent layoffs. Thankfully, he found an in-between security job as he continued interviewing for positions that match his interests and qualifications. An open US Marshall position was advertised, and he was elated.

As you can guess, the interview process was intense. Several interviews were required and the young man did fine until the last interview, a personal interview. That one didn’t go so well. He wasn’t prepared to share his childhood experiences with the panel. Employers want to hire employees who can articulate their personal experiences and how those events have shaped their worldview.

They seek to find and KEEP stellar employees. They know that the millennial generation is life-focused and only those who have a heart connection to their careers will stay and succeed. For this young man, opening up and sharing personal stories about himself was a challenge. He loves criminal justice, but talking about the reasons why were difficult.    

Immediately following the interview, a human resources representative caught up with him and said he did well, his qualifications and interests were a great match, but he should consider getting a coach to help him open up personally.

Today’s respected business and career search coaches write things like, “finding your spark,” and “heart-centered economy,” because they focus on helping clients obtain jobs that suit the complete individual.

In light of this, remember, you owe it to yourself to work towards a career that empowers you wholly, one that suits your personal “spark.”

Find the themes of your life experiences, which, for me, is God’s fingerprints in my life, and learn to use them to their fullest potential. The voice inside your heart will take you far and wide.   

ConGRADulations to all 2011 graduates. God bless you! We wish you the best!

Orlando based Career Success Coach, Jenn Lee is the “finding your spark” author and our personal favorite coach. She’s a fabulous motivator, you’ve probably seen her on Fox 35. Check out her website where you can subscribe to her weekly motivational newsletter.

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