21 Jul 2010

Winter Park Hair Salon | Hair Salon in Winter Park FL | Winter Park Beauty Salon

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Salon Libby, Orlando’s premier organic and traditional hair salon. Here, we provide our clients with the latest in hair design, care and maintenance along with a choice.

Choose from our all natural product line or from our palette of traditional professional salon products and services. We care about how you look and feel, and we strive to ensure that each client departs looking beautiful and feeling extraordinarily cared for.

Please visit us or call today and schedule your hair appointment today

Call us at 407-574-4466 or email us at appointments@salonlibby.com

Salon Libby
11913 East Colonial Drive
Orlando, FL 32826

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Most often, beauty salons are mixed up with hair salons. They are relatively the same but there have differences as well. As hair salons specialize in hair treatments like haircuts and hair styling, beauty salons have casted a wider net in terms of services.

Beauty salons offer what hair salons offer. What makes them different is the other services that they have added. Aside from the usual hair services, beauty salons offer nail services, cosmetic application, skin care treatments, hair waxing and facials. Bigger beauty salons have now also included spa treatments and massages. With a wider scope in services, beauty salons give you the comfort of pampering yourself in just one convenient location. In other words, a beauty salon is an all-in-one establishment that offers a wider variety of pampering treatments. They even sometimes offer packages for multiple treatments, not only saving you money but also saves you from the hassle of setting various appointments in different places.

You can actually spend an entire day of pampering in a beauty salon. You can choose to start with a haircut, then move on to a manicure and a pedicure while getting a facial treatment, then move to hair waxing and end it with a luscious massage. Or if you have a formal event to go to, you can go to a beauty salon and get everything done there, from hair styling, to your make-up and hair waxing. Some even provide you rooms where you can bring your formal attire so you can go straight from the salon to your formal event.

Simply put, beauty salons have morphed hair salons into an all-around establishment that caters to either pampering or an all-around beauty treatment. It gives its clienteles the comfort of getting all the treatments that they want simultaneously in just one venue.

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